Big Box

Bigger Ain’t Always Better

A large-store format with endless aisles of products to choose from, often associated with suburban areas and necessitates driving to and from.

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Food Miles

More Miles, More Problems

The distance food travels from farm to table. The farther it travels, the less sustainable.

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Houston is Happening

Products sourced and / or crafted within 100 miles of the City of Houston; A local focus promotes local job creation, reinforces seasonality of products, minimizes food miles and maximizes freshness.

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Good start, but not a single solution

A labeling term to identify foods that have received a certification granted by the USDA that takes into account land and cultivation history and bans pesticides and synthetic fertilizers as well as the use of growth hormones and genetically modified products. An expensive undertaking for small-scale farmers.

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Pasture Raised

Room to Roam & Freedom to Forage

Animals / animal products raised with the room to roam and remain active, therefore limiting stress and maximizing bodily development, and the freedom to forage, creating a more diverse, natural diet for both animal and consumer.

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Good for the farmer. Good for the land. Good for the consumer.

“The ability of the food system to be maintained without depletion and exhaustion of its natural resources or compromises to its health and integrity.” (Fixing Food, BCFN & EIU)

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If we can’t pronounce it we won’t sell it

Food that has not been altered either by adding synthetic components or removing natural components in order to extend shelf life.

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