Healthy is Hard. Processed foods have dominated traditional supermarkets, and the grocery shopping process has become miserable and time consuming. Grit Grocery’s mobile markets make cooking healthy, easy, and fun by bringing smart food options and nutritious meal kit bundles from local farmers and producers, straight to your neighborhood. With a 67% customer retention rate, our customers agree that we’ve stumbled upon a revolutionary solution…a better way to do grocery.

We plan to assemble a fleet of mobile Grit Grocery markets that make eating healthy easier for people across the US. Grocery shopping outside the US looks very different – neighborhood bakers and butchers across the street from fruit stands and flower shops. Small, street-side markets that help communities build stronger bonds and reconnect with their food. We want to bring that experience to you. Within the next two years, we plan to have 25 trucks serving 50 neighborhoods throughout Houston.

Our Philosophy & Why Grit Grocery Matters.

Best of the Farm = Local

Houston is Happening.

  • Creates Jobs & Diversifies the Houston Economy
  • Minimizes Food Miles & Provides Maximum Freshness
  • Reinforces the “Seasonality” of Food
Unprocessed: Why Eat What You Can’t Pronounce?
  • Less is More
  • REAL FOOD. No Dyes, No Preservatives, No Pesticides, No Hormones
  • Processed Is Not Progress

Back to the Block = Community

We Know Your Dog’s Name

  • Located in Your Community, Not on the Fringe
  • Small store format enables genuine interaction and connection with customers
  • Cooking connects & food is meant to be shared
Experience: Shop With Your Shades On.
  • Open-Air Store Front
  • Walk, Bike, or METRO to Your Favorite Grit Location
  • Distilled Product Offering Allows for a Simplified Shopping Experience